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COURTS   OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,   ETC.                179

very like a king's judge; Portalis, a pleasant,
unaffected jurisconsult. There was a fine set-out.
It being the day when Brottier's conspiracy had
been discovered, that subject afforded conversa-
tion.1 -

I have received an official letter from Mr.
Dundas, signifying that, by the King's express
command, he communicated to me His Majesty's
thorough approbation of my conduct in the nego-
tiation. The Powers to whom I officially commu-
nicated the contents of Mr. Dundas's letter were
very well pleased, and the whole has made a
pleasant impression; it is looked upon as a rap-
prochement des deux nations. I have but one Director
violently against me, on account of your friendship
with queens and Harry's having been a page—viz.,
Reubel, who says I am a Frenchman, because I
speak French without an English accent, and pre-
tends my son served in FArm6e de Cond6. But
I am told he is an honest man, although obstinate;
so that if ever he can be persuaded that he is
mistaken on my score, he will be a staunch friend.
One other, Barras, is said to be quite indifferent.
As he has been civil to me, he certainly cannot

i Andrew Brottier, a priest, who was implicated, in 1797,
in a conspiracy against the Directory. He was seized and
banished to Synnamari, where he died in 1798.